You can help share the blessings of nursing home ministry by hosting a training workshop in your own region.

Photo of Chaplin Goodrich training nursing home helpers

How do I get started?

  1. Prayerfully seek your church leadership’s support.
  2. Set a date, at least three months ahead of time.

**It is very helpful to have one or two friends that are willing to help you.

Host Church Requirements:
(Note: if you are in Northeast Ohio, arrangements are slightly different. Please contact us for details.)

  • A meeting-room to accommodate at least 75 people.
  • Your Senior Pastor or key church leader to be available to give the welcome and opening prayer.
  • Decide on an appropriate schedule; e.g., One-day workshop schedule  or Two half-day workshop schedule .
  • Your church will need to provide refreshments (and lunch if needed).
  • You will need to invite at least ten churches in your community to attend. (We can provide you with information, guidance and flyers/posters for this task. You are not responsible for other churches attending, only to make a sincere effort to invite and encourage them to come.)
  • Minimum of 25 people registered to attend.

Hosting a workshop is not difficult, but it does take a commitment. Contact us now to begin!

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