The Greatest Gifts

When we prepare to give a gift to a loved one, we want so much to please them. We ponder what they would like, what they enjoy, what we know is meaningful to them. We think of what they need and appreciate and what might bring them joy.

When I think about what I could possibly give to Jesus for His birthday [Download not found], I think about how He spent His entire life to redeem sinners so that we could be with Him. One thing is for sure: Jesus desires all people to come to know Him, love Him, follow Him, and grow closer to Him.

We can give Jesus the greatest gift by finding ways to bring people to Him. When we give Jesus this gift we are also giving people what they most need, too! So, in bringing Jesus these great gifts, we are also giving our friends the best gift! Isn’t it amazing how this works?

What a privilege it is to be able to introduce a friend to Jesus, knowing He is always standing with open arms to lovingly receive anyone who comes to Him. But how can we do this? Scripture contains great examples of how to do this: Andrew brought his brother Peter to Jesus. Andrew simply said to his brother, “We have found the Messiah” and he brought him (introduced him) to Jesus. John the Baptist was a master at pointing everyone around him to Jesus. Paul, Philip and other disciples were able to meet those around them at the point of their need, and share with them the truth and love of Jesus.

I would not consider myself a gifted evangelist, but I have learned a few things about helping people take Jesus’ hand.

  • When I share Scripture to help a friend who has spiritual needs, I wait patiently and prayerfully for them to respond with desire and willingness.
  • When I sense an open desire, that is a sign for me that the Holy Spirit is speaking to them and God is drawing them to Himself.
  • I see this as a crucial point where I must guide my friend to engage in sincere prayer, asking the Lord to grant help and grace to fulfill his needs as revealed in Scripture.

When I see my friend willing to take definitive action of praying in faith, I know that he is genuinely seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus.
We all need peace, hope, purpose, forgiveness and clear direction in life. We who desire to bring a gift to our King need always to meditate on His Word and prayerfully seek answers and direction for our own needs. The answers we find in Scripture are generally the same answers our friends and neighbors need. As we point them to Jesus by sharing His gracious words and encouraging them to take His hand, they will learn to walk with Him. Their Christmas present, whether received on December 25th (or May 13th or October 4th) will be very merry for them and our King Jesus! ~ B.G

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