Dear friends of nursing home residents, I am inviting you to join me in a 40 day prayer journey to petition the Lord for His blessings and favor upon our resident friends by praying for five nursing homes in your community. I am asking for you to commit to pray for at least one of your five homes each day. 

It is a simple way to make a significant impact on the lives of several hundred residents in your community. Will you join in with many other Christians, asking the Lord to lead His Church to feed His elderly sheep?

I have written out a few prayers for you to include with your own, and suggest you rotate through your list of homes, praying for one or more by name, each weekday. Then on your sixth day, would you please pray for God Cares Ministry? We desire God’s kingdom to reign in every senior care home. 

We will begin these 40 days of prayer with a Zoom gathering on Tuesday, May 16th (during National Nursing Home week). You may join at either 10:30 AM or 7 PM Eastern Time. This meeting will include a brief overview to answer any questions, sharing of a few related Scriptures and then joining in unified prayer. We will gather each week via Zoom to pray together until our 40 day journey is completed. 

Sign up below to receive your Zoom link and brief list of prayer points. If you need us to provide a list of homes in your area, please indicate by checking the box below. 

This prayer initiative is an important and powerful way for any Christian to minister to our often-overlooked neighbors. God Cares staff will stand with you in faith that our Lord will intervene in response to your fervent prayers. Thank You!!!

Chaplain Bill Goodrich

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