Through The Valley of The Shadow of Loss & Grief DVD


Ways to find peace and healing from loss and grief. (Video Seminar)

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Through the Valley of the Shadow of Loss and Grief
Life is filled with loss and grief. Every one of us will experience these unwanted intruders. Loss and grief can be devastating experiences, and each of us will need to find ways to cope with them in order to ultimately find peace and healing for our souls.
This 3-session seminar by Chaplain Bill Goodrich and Pastor Dennis Barta (and panel) will help you to work through your grief journey and equip you to help others through their valleys.

Session 1: Through the Valley of the Shadow of Loss & Grief
● What is grief?
● Many kinds of loss
● Grief can be expressed in many ways
● Common stages of grief
● Everyone grieves differently
● Influences on the experience of grief
● How do you know when your grief journey is complete?
● The most powerful prescription for those who grieve
● The multiple losses that come with aging
● How to help your friends when they are grieving

Session 2: Panel Discussion with Pastor Dennis Barta and Friends
● A panel discussion with four people who have experienced profound loss and grief. They openly share their personal stories and how they have been finding peace and strength as they walk through these painful journeys.

Session 3: Ministering to Those Near Death’s Door
● What do people need most?
● How to minister to someone who is actively dying
● Helpful Scriptures
● Having the right spirit (bedside manner)
● If family is present
● Our primary goals

Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches