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A handbook for nursing home ministry.

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A handbook for nursing home ministry.
by: Chaplain Bill Goodrich and Tom McCormick

Topics Include:

-Nursing home ministry in the Bible
-Meeting the spiritual needs of nursing-home residents
-Evangelism in the nursing home
-What to say when you don’t know what to
-How to actively listen
-How to lead a resident to Jesus
-How to prepare a devotional/Bible study
-Suggested models for worship services and Bible studies
-Sharing Jesus with people that have dementia
-Recruiting your pastor and church members
-Keeping the care team together
-Ministering to the grieving and the dying
-Sharing Communion and other special services
-Maintaining good relations with nursing home staff

and much more!

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Customer Reviews

A great help for the beginner as well as the experienced. – Nursing Home Missionary

I want to thank you for the book “Nursing Home Ministry,” what a heart-grabbing book! I have accepted the challenge of doing a weekly Bible Study in the Alzheimer’s unit at a health care center here in MO. I and a friend, who is a resident and a great guitar player, are going to be the initial team and we start Wednesday. Through your book and God Cares News, you have helped me greatly, not only with the people at the home but also with my step mother, who’s dementia is progressing fairly rapidly and also with a good friend, whom we are finding it more and more difficult to stay connected with even though we love her very much. I hope we can meet some day. – Dick, MO