Living Waters In A Dry Land (online training course)


“Living Waters In A Dry Land” is a foundational training program for nursing home missionaries. Through this course you will gain knowledge of essential principles for obtaining a welcomed presence and fruitful outreach in long-term care homes.

When you purchase this course, a user account will be created for you (if you do not already have one) and you will automatically be enrolled and be able to begin training.

*Canadian orders include an additional $24 to cover the cost of shipping the books included with this item.



Course Requirements

  • Access to a computer with an internet connection and speakers
  • Complete all quiz questions at the end of each session
  • Read Nursing Home Ministry: Where Hidden Treasures Are Found handbook
  • Spend a minimum of six hours visiting in a long-term care home after starting this course

Course materials include

  • Access to the Online Video Training
  • A Training Workbook
  • A copy of Nursing Home Ministry: Where Hidden Treasures Are Found handbook
  • A copy of In the Garden with Jesus and Friends guidebook

Participants who complete all required exercises will receive a Certificate of Completion from God Cares Ministry.


If you are financially unable to afford the suggested donation of the online training, scholarships are available. Please download, complete and return the Living Waters Scholarship Application .


Customer Reviews

I have been meaning to write to you for the past several weeks in order to thank you for the wonderful ministry and training program you have. It has been a God-send for me… Thank you and God bless you! –  Jerry

I enjoyed the 8 training sessions and found them to be encouraging and thorough in equipping me to minister in the care home environment. I loved all the Scriptures that were included in the workbook and in the (Nursing Home Ministry) book, too. I know I’m still a newbie, but I feel God’s strength through your resources. I thank the Lord for leading me to God Cares Ministry. – Cathy, KY

Several folks at our church have watched your training video. It was very well done and we found it to be very practical. As a result we have two teams of people who have been inspired to minister a weekly chapel service on Thursdays and a monthly Sunday service at our local nursing home. Thanks, Pastor Jim

I have retired from being an Activity Director of 22 years, last year. But, I found that I desired to go back and volunteer as a nursing home missionary. I found your online workshop to be the perfect training session. Your knowledge of what nursing homes need from the personal visit and knocking before entering the rooms to understanding that a personal relationship is essential, to the knowledge and communication needs of dementia was everything I wanted my own volunteers to know and practice when I was the Activity Director. My best years as an Activity Director were when I had at least 3 church groups a week. One pastor came and did a regular sermon session with music; another volunteer pastor lead a music/Bible study and a third minister did a hymn sing and visited one to one each Friday. On Sundays I did devotionals where we read testimonials, sang hymns and had hot chocolate. When I had good spiritual groups/worship groups, the residents were happy, the staff was kinder, the families trusted the staff – all because the atmosphere was strong in unconditional love, patience, hope and kindness. In these moments, the residents became family with the staff. It was a great place to be. As I grow and provide a nursing home ministry in a facility – I want to provide that gift to my nursing home and help the Activity Director understand how special spiritual sessions are. – Connie, OR

All of the ideas in the training have helped me shape my ministry. These training videos are a must to be part of my ministry. – Kristina, MI

First of all, I want to thank you for this ministry. I was drawn to your web site and came across it by accident. But my husband tells me God led me there. I’ve been saying WOW for awhile. I have been working in a nursing home for 12 years in the Activity Department. I have worked and been trained by the best. I am proud of our nursing home. The only regret I have is that this ministry was not done sooner. I’ve asked my Activity Director to also take the course with me so she can see where I was coming from as to do what is best for the nursing home. She has been a great supporter and happy she has my back. I have finished the course and know it is perfect! It reinforces what I have learned in training every year at work. The course speaks to the heart of these residents. I have met with the CEO and he is on board. I am trying to meet with our pastor. So that is where I am now. I hope to make this ministry come Alive in Christ. Until we talk again, Your friend in Christ, – Rebecca.  P.S. There is no doubt that this ministry is needed.