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We would just like to take a moment and tell you all, thank you. Our residents really enjoy all of the resources you send us and utilize those lessons to help them in their lives. We are incredibly grateful to you all and are very appreciative of all the information you send us here. God bless you all and have a wonderful holiday season. Thank you again,

I have retired from being an Activity Director of 22 years, last year. But, I found that I desired to go back and volunteer as a nursing home missionary. I found your online workshop to be the perfect training session. Your knowledge of what nursing homes need from the personal visit and knocking before entering the rooms to understanding that a personal relationship is essential, to the knowledge and communication needs of dementia was everything I wanted my own volunteers to know and practice when I was the Activity Director. My best years as an Activity Director were when I had at least 3 church groups a week. One pastor came and did a regular sermon session with music; another volunteer pastor lead a music/Bible study and a third minister did a hymn sing and visited one to one each Friday. On Sundays I did devotionals where we read testimonials, sang hymns and had hot chocolate. When I had good spiritual groups/worship groups, the residents were happy, the staff was kinder, the families trusted the staff – all because the atmosphere was strong in unconditional love, patience, hope and kindness. In these moments, the residents became family with the staff. It was a great place to be. As I grow and provide a nursing home ministry in a facility near me – I want to provide that gift to the nursing home and help the Activity Director understand how special spiritual sessions are.

A team from my church took your training several years ago. We learned so much, enabling us to have a significant impact in our three care homes. We are recruiting new volunteers this year and will be using your resources again in training them.

A few days ago, I was given a book titled “God Cares For You” by Chaplain Bill Goodrich. As I read and re-read the pages, I stopped and went back to the title, and it came to me that I was in my new home… I have a new place, a new home. I have read and re-read your book, and I love every word and encourage my friends to read it, also. Thank you for writing this book. I read pages of the book every day.

First of all, I want to thank you for this ministry. I was drawn to your web site and came across it by accident. But my husband tells me God led me there. I’ve been saying WOW for awhile. I have been working in a nursing home for 12 years in the Activity Department. I have worked and been trained by the best. I am proud of our nursing home. The only regret I have is that this ministry was not done sooner. I’ve asked my Activity Director to also take the course with me so she can see where I was coming from as to do what is best for the nursing home. She has been a great supporter and happy she has my back. I have finished the course and know it is perfect! It reinforces what I have learned in training every year at work. The course speaks to the heart of these residents. I have met with the CEO and he is on board. I am trying to meet with our pastor. So that is where I am now. I hope to make this ministry come Alive in Christ. Until we talk again, Your friend in Christ, - P.S. There is no doubt that this ministry is needed.

I’ve been using your Victory Edition songs in a personal care home in GA for perhaps 20 years! They have been great, but it’s time for something new, so I’m getting the Heavenly Sonshine edition. Thanks for such wonderful resources!

I am amazed at God's provision. This ministry started with just two of us following up after the 22 year ministry of Pastor Don and Betty Jo ended. We minister in 1 nursing home and 1 assisted living care center in rural Nebraska. What a privilege to serve these wonderful faith friends and family. Once again, God has gone the extra mile to provide what we need. About 6 months ago, God brought 2 other women who just lavish God's love on the residents at the nursing home. He has also provided a couple - he is a Baptist minister and his wife ministers to the Spanish speaking residents and staff. We have been praying for a long time for someone to minister in the Alzheimer units at this care center. Well, last week a lady sat in our Bible study and desires to teach in this unit!!! Oh my, God provides beyond our greatest needs. Please pray for more and more residents to come into a personal relationship with God through faith in our LORD Jesus Christ. God bless you all in the nursing home ministry, there is no greater call than to reach others with the love, grace, and mercy of our LORD JESUS CHRIST through the truths of His Word and life.

This has been a wonderful treasure for us at our nursing home in Michigan!! Thank you so much,

A few years ago the Lord nudged me to move outside the 4 walls of my church to minister. I contacted several nursing homes, left voice messages, some weren't interested, but the very LAST ONE said to me, "the residents have been asking for someone to come in for a worship service. You are the answer to their prayers. So me and my Sunday School class (the Harmony Group) embarked on this God-give journey, and have never looked back. Every Wednesday, rain or shine, we showed up and God showed out! We saw residents come and go, shout and pray and some went on to glory. In March, we no longer could face-to-face worship with them, but our cards, letters and church resources became our connection. In the end, although we lost many, God did not lose a one. People who had given up on the church, came back to the church. Our team was totally blessed by the residents, celebrating their careers, birthdays and anything they felt was special to them was special to us and God. What a blessing!

Hello to the staff of God Cares Ministry, The Ministry News does a great job of telling what is going on there. In fact, I support several ministries, and your Ministry News is the most informative of any other ministry that I receive. I read it cover to cover and all pages in between. The pictures add a lot to see ministry in action. "Laughter is Medicine" is new and it added a smile on my face. A good idea, and Biblical too! Every square in is put to good use. Thanks for the work that goes into each issue. God bless your work,

I enjoyed and was encouraged by our zoom meeting. I started in ministry to care homes 13 years ago, utilizing The SonShine Society. Now God Cares Ministry is helping take my small teams ministry to an improved level. Thank you for what you and your team do. Your publication, God Cares for You, has been most helpful for us… Thank you for what you do.

We have used your materials it seems like about 40 years. I have been involved in this ministry for over 40 years. Your materials are the best! Sincerely,

I was very impressed with this training. There is milk for the beginner and meat for the seasoned. A real 10 out of 10! Very impressed.

Just a short note to update you on the progress we are making. Our Church is more interested now in Care Home Ministry, thank God. Volunteers are beginning to come forward. Thank you for being so supportive.

It was my first job in healthcare setting. I was an entry-level activity assistant working with 150 beloved residents with dementia at all levels. For 2 years I had made 1:1 visits with Mamie who was bed-bound and non-verbal. I used to read psalms to her with my pocket NT in one hand, and hold her left hand with my other. One day after reading I heard Mamie articulate in a quiet yet clear voice, "Thank you." As I reflect on that, I know in my heart that just as Jesus crossed from eternity to humanity 2 millennia ago, he will from time to time, for our encouragement, reveal himself to express to you that "you've done it unto me." Saints of God, take heart today!

Wow! Just checked out the new Bible Lesson Videos for Seniors - I am really impressed with the changes. The visuals and breaks with singing will work very well with our residents. I look forward to presenting them to our residents. We have been using your past videos which enable us to provide a Sunday morning service for our residents (that is what they are used to and it has been requested by some of our residents). Your ministry is very important and means a lot to our residents - which is between 20-30 on Sunday mornings and we can even put the videos on our in-house channel and present it to those unable to attend a group setting, which means reaching even more people. Many thanks to all of you who remember our nursing home residents and work so hard to make this happen for them. It is greatly appreciated.

Our church has been so blessed with the opportunity to care for our friends in our local nursing home. Just like Chaplain Bill shared on Focus on the Family we go to be a blessing but end up being blessed. Thank you for all you do for His kingdom and thank you for coming to our church to teach and train our team.

I was very moved by the words in the latest physical newsletter and the message about helping residents feel not only loved but also valued by God… I really appreciate the good work that you do and the loving kindness you pour out into the world. Sincerely,

Several folks at our church have watched your training video. It was very well done and we found it to be very practical. As a result we have two teams of people who have been inspired to minister a weekly chapel service on Thursdays and a monthly Sunday service at our local nursing home. Thanks,

I just returned from offering communion at the Care center. I thought there would be 1 or 2 residents--there were 11. While they can't remember my name, even with a name tag, the remembered what communion was about. One lady, whose body is trapped in a tearful and anxiety ridden type of dementia, became quiet when I came to her. She told me that Jesus died for her. What a blessed time I had. Another lady, the wife of a resident, asked if I would pray with her husband each time I visited the facility. This all is so huge to me, because I am just me. How he uses us is so very remarkable. I am so thrilled that God has drawn me to this ministry. The blessings are more than I could have ever imagined. I share this because I am on that mountain-top high. While there will be lows, the blessings are reminders that He is with me in this process. God bless you all,

Good Morning, On behalf of all DTPA residents I would like to thank you for all the materials that you have been facilitating for their spiritual growth and comfort. Merry Christmas to all of you.

We have been using your “God Cares For You” book in our Bible study at the facility where we minister. One resident was reading her copy in a common area, and was asked by other residents how they could get a copy of the book. I supplied them with copies, and they are now attending our Bible study!

It’s so wonderful to partner with you on God’s great commission – Go – share Jesus – love others. These people are so special & it’s possible they have never heard of Jesus or of God’s remarkable plan of reconciliation. His love for all people and His perfect plan of salvation. Your faithfulness to God’s call bears the fruit of righteousness.

Thank you so much for your help and support. The coloring pages are nice and videos are helpful for those who struggle with teaching.

Good morning, My devotion time this morning was spent reading your newsletter. It is a blessing to me when I see others living out their nursing home ministry calling. Thank you for taking the time to put the newsletter together. It is a treasure.

This book (GCFY) brought me such love, laughter, joy, and better feelings about myself.

I found your web site by searching around the internet one day for resources for our Long Term Care and Assisted Living residents. I didn't want to purchase anything but wanted to have the ability to make copies for our residents. I wanted large print, I wanted easy to read Bible verses and messages. I found it and SO much more when I came across the God Cares site! It was everything I was looking for and more. The Words of Comfort and Encouragement are beautiful and the pages with a crossword puzzle or word find are a bonus. The printable cards are amazing! I love the pictures and the messages inside. And, the ability to write a personal message as well. This past weekend, I put together a packet for my church going residents - a card with a handwritten message, a pen and 2-3 Words of Comfort and Encouragement sheets. I have received at least 6 "thank yous" today from our residents. They loved it! So as the facility chaplain here, feeling like my hands are tied with all of the restrictions upon us, I want to say Thank You for your ministry, for your resources, for the good work you do! I am so glad I found you online - maybe the Holy Spirit pointed me in your direction! God bless you all!

I am using the book “God Cares For You” at Bible study with my residents and then I expand on each chapter's topic. I am already dreading coming to the end, because the material is very relatable to their lives and they are loving it. Our Bible study keeps growing in numbers and it's wonderful! Thank you so much for the book: God bless you! Many thanks,

I have been having a weekly Bible study at our local nursing home for 10 years. I'm always looking for topics and discussion guides. These lesson materials are exactly what I have been looking for.

I have to say "Thank You" for inviting us to this ministry. I have been sharing with other Activity/ Recreation Directors the link to your page. It has been a blessing to our patients/residents. I often use the handouts and look forward to exploring the other resources that you offer. God bless you all that for what you do to reach those that others sometimes do not see.

I’d like to thank you all so much for the Bible’s in large print that were given to the residents. You really made their days great. The ones that can still read well are so very thankful. You all are a blessing and I’d just like to say again, thank you so much!

In 1996, our pastor handed me a scrap of paper with a phone number on it. He said, “See what they want.” Well, I called the Health Care Center, and was directed to the “Activity Director”. She laid out her need. 26 churches had been contacted. We were the only one who responded. They needed a person & church to be responsible for a Sunday morning worship service. I took that information back to the pastor, who said – “That would be perfect for you.” Whoa. For two weeks I resisted the opportunity. Finally, I called back – with much I began serving. We still minister in two facilities. God is good. Thank you for picking up this ministry service for all of us.

Wow!!! I still usually listen to Focus on the Family while making dinner. About 30 years!! I told my wonderful hubby of 41 years he must watch this on YouTube with me! So glad you post your shows on here. Will be getting his book, what a godly man!!

Wow, your videos will be a terrific extra resource for us. Our residents so enjoy the weekly words of encouragement. Not sure if I tell you enough how much your organization has helped us throughout the pandemic and even now. On behalf of all the residents here, I say thanks for your service – we need the spiritual lift you provide!!

I enjoyed the 8 training sessions and found them to be encouraging and thorough in equipping me to minister in the care home environment. I loved all the Scriptures that were included in the workbook and in the (Nursing Home Ministry) book, too. I know I’m still a newbie, but I feel God’s strength through your resources. I thank the Lord for leading me to God Cares Ministry.

Your information shows that God Cares has many years of knowledge and experience in nursing home ministry. I feel less scared and more informed. Thank you.

The handouts are amazing! I use them in all my homes and they LOVE them.

Thank you for these Christmas handouts in English and Spanish! We will include them in our services coming up next week! Merry Christmas!

Good morning, just want to say thank you for your hospitality on the Free Bible Lessons. The residents are really enjoying them. Just printed out some coloring sheets and words to unscramble. So hats off to you guys, and may God’s love, protection, and favor continue to be upon you always. Again, thank you!!!

Good morning, I’m an Activity Director in Texas and I just want you to know that my residents here in the facility love your resources - I pass them out daily. Also, thanks for the new resources. Be blessed and have a wonderful day.

Friends, It is early but I can tell you the response has been positive. I shared your God Cares For You book with a resident who is having trouble adjusting and she seems to be slowly changing. I gave one book to the minister in my new church who just started a nursing home ministry and he loved it. I think it is a great resource. God bless you all,

These are fantastic! Your site has been such a resource to my staff and residents. Thank you and God bless!

All, I would just like to say “Thank you” for the wonderful devotions and Crossword puzzles on your website. I love the way the scripture links into the puzzle. We have been handing them out weekly to the residents, and they are enjoying them. Without live church here in the building, this has been a great tool to present scripture and spiritual truths to them. Thank you so much for your hard work on this project and for making it accessible to communities like ours. May God bless and keep you safe, rewarding you in heaven for your great deeds in his name. This is touching the hearts of many! Respectfully,

Thank you so much! It’s good to know that someone recognizes our hard work!! God Bless You!!

Thank you very much for the large print Bible verses and the word searches. Our residents will enjoy these very much. My staff will use them in our bible studies and with our scripture readings. What a blessing you have given to us. In Christian love

I just wanted to say thank you SO much for that wonderful article, How I Wonder, in this month's newsletter. I read it this morning and the timing was perfect. My team and I had gone into EP Care Ct. yesterday and had a great turn out. My message included much about the Angel & shepherds. Reading your profound words today was like a Christmas gift from God! I'm sure that this message you shared inspired many nursing home missionaries. I sent it to everyone of my team members just to be sure they would read it after yesterday's service. I also wanted to tell you that your Focus on The Family interview was wonderful! I am sure that will be much fruit from that broadcast! May our Lord keep shining His light of love, hope & truth brightly through you and your God Cares Ministry! Thank you!

Hello God Cares Team, We would like to thank you for all you send. We have used your pages to hand out to our residents during the covid outbreak and continue to use them on Saturdays and Sundays and during room visits. The residents like the truth, it helps them cope with whatever they are going through. So, Thank you all so much.

Package arrived and I am overwhelmed at the beauty of these New Testaments. I didn't expect them to be hard bound. They are really lovely and I'm looking forward to using them Sunday in my Sunday service that I lead at a facility in Washington. Very good quality. Thank you so much.

Thank you sooo much! I just opened your e-mail and got the God Cares newsletter! I very much appreciate your assistance. I am NOT tech savvy but I got this! Not sure I can choose which article to talk about Friday. They each have an encouraging message. God bless you and God Cares ministry. I had no idea how you got my name until I read about Sonshine trusting you to continue their legacy along with yours. Just that alone encourages my resolve to trust God with our return to the nursing homes and sharing Him with residents. My church gave me a voice and an opportunity to share about God and Sonshines music. It was something I’d done all my (long) life and thought it was gone. Thank you again, and I will be praying for God Cares and hoping USPS speeds your mail to me by Friday! God Bless,

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