Residents are lining the hallways in care facilities across the nation waiting for a friendly smile and a kind word. You can bring the light of Christ to those hallways today! It is easy to get started as an individual. Visit our Start a Ministry page to see how to begin. Need a little more encouragement? Read what others had to say about their experience.

Start A Care Team
The fellow members in your church have a unique and invaluable service to offer care home residents. Perhaps it is time for you to help your church bring its laborers to the ripe fields in a nursing home near you. Becoming a team facilitator is easy and will broaden your ministry both in the care home and in your church. Please check out step-by-step guidelines for expanding your ministry in the book, “In The Garden with Jesus & Friends.

Prayer is an incredible privilege God gives His children as He promises to hear and meet their requests for His work. We invite you to become a committed prayer partner, faithfully asking the Lord to meet the needs of the people in the nursing home mission field. Find out more

God Cares Ministry…

  • Trains individuals to share the love and word of God in ways that help residents in care homes grow closer to Jesus.
  • Provides books uniquely for nursing home residents with large print and answers from God’s Word that give hope.
  • Supports many specific efforts to let residents know “Jesus loves THEM” and they have value even when it seems like the world has forgotten them.


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