God Cares for You book coverGod has called us to sow the seed of His Word. Sometimes it is very helpful to have a source where we can get good seed for sowing in our particular ministry field. The care home environment is unique. Special attention for planting the seed of God’s Word in this setting is necessary. Just as orange seeds produce flourishing fruit in the south, but not so in the cooler northern regions. Likewise, there is particular seed that grows well in the care home environment. God Cares Ministry has seed that bears much good fruit in senior care homes. It is packaged in the ministry book entitled, “God Cares for You”. This book has seven chapters that provide Biblical answers to the primary emotional and spiritual concerns of our friends in care homes. The topics focus on: change, loss, hope, a growing relationship with God and people, peace, purpose and heaven. The book is large print, spiral bound and contains color pictures, related Bible verses, questions to help the reader meditate on God’s answers and prayer. It is a great resource that can enable you to bear good fruit in your care home.

God Cares will provide a free “God Cares for You” ministry book to any Christian willing to pledge three things: 

  1. That you will prayerfully read through the book, to get familiar with the topics and Bible verses that address them.
  2. That you will prayerfully share the book with a resident of a care home. 
  3. That you will share your experience with God Cares Ministry by mail or by emailing orders@GodCaresMinistry.com so that other volunteers may be encouraged by your testimony. 

A ministry coach from God Cares will provide helpful guidance and prayer support as you step out in faith to plant your seed. If you reside in the United States or Canada, you may receive your free ministry book and guidelines by completing this form. 

Your garden awaits!

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