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Each video is produced specifically for seniors. Click on the links below to watch these special videos. Accompanying large print handouts and cards are also available to download.

Scripture/prayer cards can be printed either two sided (flip on short edge) for flat style cards or single sided for tent cards. (Be sure to scale at 100%.) A thicker card stock in color works best.


Chapter 1 Lesson 1 - A Changing World
Chapter 1 Lesson 2 – God’s Unchanging Love & Word
Chapter 1 Lesson 3 - Change Can Be Good
Chapter 2 Lesson 1 - A Secure Hope
Chapter 2 Lesson 2 – Hope in the Good Shepherd
Chapter 2 Lesson 3 – Hope Beyond Hopelessness
Chapter 3 Lesson 1 – First Steps With Our Loving God
Chapter 3 Lesson 2 – Returning Home to Our Loving God
Chapter 3 Lesson 3 – Growing Closer to Jesus
Chapter 4 Lesson 1 – Becoming A Caring Friend
Chapter 4 Lesson 2 – A Friend To All
Chapter 4 Lesson 3 – A Closer Look At Our Love
Chapter 5 Lesson 1 – Peace Through Repentance
Chapter 5 Lesson 2 – Peace Through Forgiveness
Chapter 5 Lesson 3 – Peace Through Trust
Chapter 6 Lesson 1 – Created for a Great Purpose
Chapter 6 Lesson 2 – Living with a Greater Purpose
Chapter 6 Lesson 3 – Fulfilling Our Great Purpose
Chapter 7 Lesson 1 – A Glimpse of Heaven
Chapter 7 Lesson 2 – Heaven’s Greatest Characteristic
Chapter 7 Lesson 3 – Forever Safe in God’s Grace


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