According to the CDC, 1.4 million individuals live in nursing homes in the United States. God Cares Ministry seeks to bring awareness and connect the Church to these residents. The people living in nursing homes often have the greatest physical, financial and spiritual needs but are overlooked by many, even by followers of Christ. As you read God Cares Ministry’s vision, mission and beginnings, please consider how you may partner with the work God is doing in nursing homes.

Our Vision:
To empower Christians to provide quality Christ-centered spiritual ministry in long-term care facilities that serve seniors.

Our Mission:
To recruit, train, equip and support Christian volunteers to share the love and Word of God in senior care homes, helping residents take Jesus’ hand to find life, hope and peace in Him.

Our Beginnings

Bill Goodrich sharing the Gospel with a nursing home resident

On many occasions, I have been asked how I got started in nursing home ministry. This question is somewhat challenging for me because there are so many things that have led me to where I am. I sometimes say that it was not an event that got me started but a process that the Lord continues to walk me through. I trust you will be encouraged by this story, and you will see that the Lord is alive and still working through those who love Him (1 Corinthians 1:31). Read More

Chaplain Bill Goodrich
Founder and President, God Cares Ministry

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